Los Angeles, California

I had the pleasure of visiting the City of Angels this past weekend with my Braddock Elementary crew, Shan and Stephen. Shan has been a Kobe fan his entire life and with the Mamba retiring this season, it was time for us to pay tribute as he went head to head with the King one last time.

From D.C & ATL to LA we went. Here are some pictures we took throughout our trip.

We arrived at LAX and went straight to the Staples Center.
Had to get a picture with the great Magic Johnson of course
The Mamba. Aka. BOAT (Best Of All Time) — Had a great game

We went to LA on Thursday without tickets to a Thursday night primetime game. We were unsure if Kobe or LeBron would play. We bought the tickets two hours before the game and prayed.

“Shan, what if he doesn’t play…?”

“Don’t worry he’ll play”

“How do you know?”

“I tweeted at him. He’ll play.” And so he did.

We are still waiting for a re-tweet from Kobe though..

Dinner in K-Town @ Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong after the game.
IMG_0683 (1)
Me, Stephen and Shan hanging out at the Americana Plaza in Glendale before lunch
Lunch @ Din Tai Fung in Glendale – Soup Dumplings
FotorCreated (3).jpg
Warner Brother Studio Tour in Hollywood
Grabbed a cup of coffee @ Central Perk
On the set of Friends
In-N-Out Burger

Went out of our way to get In-N-Out burger for the first time. It was pretty hyped so I was excited but expectations fell short on the first bite.

Shake Shack & Five Guys > In-N-Out!

Griffith Park hike…

We asked our Lyft driver to take us to Griffith Park. He dropped us off telling us the Hollywood sign is only a 20 minute hike. Lies. He dropped us off on the other side of the mountain and took us 2.5 hours to hike up the mountain…hungover.

Then the climb down to the Griffith Observatory

Stephen saved a little girl’s life on this treacherous hike down to the Griffith Observatory.

View was worth it though
FotorCreated (4)
Got to pick out my spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Right above Tom’s
Walking around Rodeo drive. No shopping. Just walking.

Stephen – “Damn.. there are NO homeless people here. WE are the homeless. Just push me into one of the Ferraris as it comes by…we can split the settlement three ways.”

Ballin on Venice Beach. We saw, we came, we conquered. One and done.
FotorCreated (2)
Young King – Best Tang Soo Yuk hands down. Steve went through about 4 bibs.
Park BBQ

Great trip out to LA. Big city with a lot of character and great weather. Won’t miss the traffic though. These were my highlights from the trip!

And last but not least…

Squad since ’97 rollin deep!

More trips to come – Austin, TX…?

Thanks for reading,



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